Thursday, July 7, 2011

Setting Online Availability for Services

It's possible to set specific online scheduling availability for each service you offer, or to make a certain service only bookable offline (ie: internally, by you).

On any given service's Details page, you'll see a second tab labeled "Online Availability".

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To make a service completely offline — ie: unavailable for booking by clients on your online scheduling page — simply un-check the box next to "Online" at the top of the page. A dialog box will alert you that the service isn't available online. To undo the change, click "Enable". Otherwise, just leave it as is and click nothing. (Tip: There's no "Save" button on the Online Availability settings, so any changes you make go into effect automatically.)

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Your service list (under Settings - Services) has a column titled "Online" where you'll be able to quickly see whether a service is available for online booking.

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You can also set schedules for your online services, as you would for your staff members.

Click any time at which you wish to make the service unavailable and the time slot will turn red with the word "Offline" written in it. In the example below, Microdermabrasion is not available for clients to book in the morning and late afternoon on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the afternoon on Tuesdays, or the morning and early afternoon on Thursdays. (Tip: Online Availability has no effect on your ability to manually schedule appointments in your calendar).

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The Online Availability settings should reflect on your customer booking pages. For example, the service "Dead Sea Facial" is not listed on the booking page for the account edited here, because it's a strictly offline service.

"Microdermabrasion" is only available at select times.


Additional Tips:
  • Service availability works with your staff members' Offline Masks, your business's Operating Hours and your Online Start Times. That's to say, a client still can't book a service with a staff member who isn't available, or at a time when your business is closed, etc.
  • Always allow enough time between Offline slots for at least one appointment containing the service to fit. Appointment lengths are based on your service's Duration (set up on the Details page of the service). For example, you do NOT want to make a 90 minute service Offline all morning until Noon, then again for the rest of the day starting at 1:00pm.


SimplyFab1 said...


I was wondering would you use this tool if you have a class that you are only accepting a certain number of registrants and you reach capacity? Once you get a certain number of appointments, do you just make registration offline?

Thanks in advance!

Cornelia said...

SimplyFab1, Genbook doesn't currently have a class/group appointments feature. Each staff member can only take one appointment per time slot.

SimpleSkinSolutions said...

I have an appointment booking category using a machine that we only have one of. With three employees scheduled to work, I'm faced with double and even triple bookings on this one machine, resulting in many phone calls and headaches. Is there any way to restrict the availability of a service to one booking per hour?

SimpleSkinSolutions said...

That doesn't help me, though. I can't be constantly watching to see if the service has been booked and then shut it off for that hour, I need some sort of safeguard against double bookings built in, and I'm not seeing an option for that.

Cornelia said...

SimpleSkinSolutions, I'm afraid there's not anything we can recommend, aside from only assigning that service to one available staff member, that would keep you from getting double/triple bookings.